Beauty Heroes September 2018: Josh Rosebrook

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my… Josh!

This month’s Beauty Heroes discovery box features a collection of products from green beauty legend Josh Rosebrook. I regularly purchase and use all three of the featured products in my skincare routine so I am thrilled to get them restocked. I’m also excited because the price of the box is less than half of what I would’ve spent on the items separately, so now I have extra cash to save spend on even more products. Hooray!

This month’s hero is the ah-mazing, exceptional, skin transforming Active Enzyme Exfoliator ($65). This mask, you guys! *swoon* 

The Active Enzyme Exfoliator uses two methods of exfoliation to encourage cellular turnover, and in my humble opinion, is the real reason for the mask’s magic powers. Finely ground walnut shells allow for mechanical exfoliation, creating an ever-so-slightly gritty texture, while powerful fruit enzymes speed up the natural chemical reaction that encourages cellular renewal. 

In order to get on my level about this mask, you must know that I believe the most psychologically satisfying part of an exfoliation treatment is the manual exfoliation. Have you ever tried an exfoliation treatment that was gel-like and so smooth it had to be applied with a brush? I own a couple, and even though they are perfectly effective, masks without the “scrubby granules” feel like a let down. I need the joy that sugar crystals or jojoba beads bring when each little piece rubs against my skin and says, “I’m working! Your skin will be beautiful in no time!” The Active Enzyme Exfoliator is applied with your fingers, so you can feel the teeny tiny walnut shells gently polishing your skin, but they are so lightly dispersed throughout the product that the exfoliation isn’t overly harsh. It won’t create micro-tears in the skin – a serious drawback of many conventional manual exfoliators, by the way.

After the thrill of the application, the fruit enzymes get to work. There’s the gentlest sensation of… what I imagine it would feel like it if a papaya politely ate a layer of dead skin off your face. There’s absolutely no burning or heating — it’s a respectful papaya! — but there is the littlest bit of tingle that reassures you the exfoliation didn’t end with the manual scrub.

The texture after application is thin but firm. It can set 10 minutes to an hour, and it’s not a wet mask by any means, so I multitask by doing laundry or dishes something glamorous while I let it sit. It smells strongly of delicious black licorice but it’s not at all heavy. I’m fairly sensitive to the fragrance in products (even natural ones) and I can easily leave the Active Enzyme Exfoliator on for the full hour without feeling overpowered by the scent. The end result? The softest, smoothest, clearest skin. 

The first sidekick in this month’s box — there are two! — is the Hydrating Accelerator ($22 for 2 fl oz) and it is a perfect companion to the hero product. I’d classify it as an essence, somewhere between a mist and toner, as it’s applied after cleansing or masking and before any occlusive products, like oils and moisturizers. The Hydrating Accelerator increases hydration by boosting the absorption of lipids and other actives that come from the serums and oils that are applied after using the Hydrating Accelerator, helping to seal in the moisture. 

Not to be left out of the hydration fun, the second sidekick, the Advanced Hydration Mask ($65) is an unusual mask that’s gently wiped off rather than rinsed off. It took my mind a little while to get comfortable with that concept but my skin thanked me immediately. I tend to use this product at night, as there is a layer of product that remains on the skin after you’ve wiped the mask off with a cloth. It takes my skin a few hours to absorb the rest of the product so at least for me, it’s not ideal for day time use. However, I wake up with the plumpest, juiciest skin. The Advanced Hydration Mask is one of my go-to winter skin problem solvers and as the months are getting cooler, I know I’ll be using this regularly again.

This month’s Beauty Heroes discovery box knocked it out of the park. I am in love with these products and so happy to see them featured. 

A note about Beauty Heroes: Beauty Heroes has completely changed the way I experience clean beauty. My love for this company is real. Each month’s beauty discovery box contains a full-size Hero product and a deluxe sample-size or full-size Sidekick product for about $43/month. Many of the full-size Hero Products retail for upward of $70 and the deluxe Sidekicks often well above $30, so it’s one of the most cost effective ways to explore new brands and products. Additionally, members of the Beauty Heroes Tribe receive 15% off all purchases at The Beauty Store and free shipping on orders over $75, so it’s less expensive to repurchase items you’ve discovered and loved.

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