Beauty Heroes January 2019: Jane Scrivner

New year, new skin care!

January’s Beauty Discovery from Beauty Heroes features two full size products from Jane Scrivner, a brand I was completely unfamiliar with prior to receiving this month’s box. This month’s hero is the full size Nourishing Cleanser ($46) — with a set of Fluffy Cleansing Mitts ($14) — and the sidekick is the full size OO Cream ($38).

I wasn’t completely sold when the products arrived. Straight out of the box, the Jane Scrivner products do not impress. They have boring labels and cheap plastic packaging which make them seem dated, as if they were a popular product in the late 90s. By appearance alone, they seem best marketed toward elderly ladies whose wardrobes are comprised solely of polyester caftans purchased from late night QVC. I assume the lackluster labeling keeps costs low, which is often worth it for both company and consumer, as it makes clean beauty more accessible but as I’m a #snobbyllama, I like my products to have more luxury.

It says “luxurious”, but can you tell from this packaging?

I started with the Nourishing Cleanser, a buttery cleansing balm made with jojoba seed oil and beeswax, designed to mimic the skin’s natural lipids and improve elasticity and restore balance. After my displeasure using the Max and Me Sweet Serenity as a face wash, I was hesitant that the Nourishing Cleanser could deliver on its promise to remove make up without residue, but it applied like an absolute dream! It emulsified beautifully, melted into my skin, and on days I wore light makeup (foundation, mascara and a little blush), the Nourishing Cleanaser easily removed it with only a few gentle passes with a damp Fluffy Mitt. The two occasions I had cause to wear a full-coverage and heavy eye makeup, the cleanser wasn’t quite up to the challenge. I had to double cleanse with the cleanser, applying and scrubbing off with the mitt twice.

The Nourishing Cleanser contains nine essential oils, including lemongrass and sweet orange, making the scent profile heavy on the lemon-citrus. I am fully aware of the astringent and brightening properties of these essential oils and understand why formulators include them. Still, it takes me back to my childhood chores and Saturday mornings spent dusting my parents’ furniture with lemon Pledge. It’s a bit of a luxury let down. Since the scent of the Nourishing Cleanser lasts only a few minutes and disappears with the use of the Fluffy Mitt, I might be willing to overlook it.

And these Fluffy Mitts are no joke! I didn’t think I’d care about one more makeup removal tool, but I’m already planning on buying more. They are fantastic.

These are way more fun in real life. Buy them now.

After using the OO Cream for the first time, I feel it has been miscast. Why is this a sidekick?! This cream is a star in its own right!!

The OO Cream is intended to be used after oils and serums, or “over oils”, because this delightfully orange magic actually mattifies the skin after oil application. Made with organic aloe vera, argan oil, and rosehip seed oil, the OO Cream promotes elasticity and clarity, helps to reduce redness and discomfort, and locks in moisture to reduce trans-epidermal water loss. I was a bit concerned that the orange hue would be somewhat present after application, but it faded quickly and easily into my light-to-medium skin and provided the perfect amount of moisture, hydrating and cooling, but absorbing fully and semi-matte.

This has made the OO Cream my favorite day cream to date. A little goes a long way and it hasn’t pilled after application over any of the oils and serums I’ve used (and I’ve used many). Plus it creates the perfect finish for makeup application because it reduces the slip of the oil underneath! I also find the soft vanilla rose scent to be infinitely more pleasing than the lemon-citrus of its counterpart, although the fragrance of the cream fades quickly and isn’t something I can smell on my skin all day.

Possibly the best day cream I’ve ever used.

This month’s Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much from an unknown brand in boring packaging, but both the products pulled their own weight. I am not yet certain the Nourishing Cleanser will be a repurchase. I love its feel and efficiency, but its fragrance is not my favorite. I plan to use it exclusively to remove daily makeup until the jar is empty and then I will decide. If I see other improvements in my skin with ongoing use, I may be swayed. I most definitely plan to repurchase the OO Cream. The cheap plastic packaging I complained about? Well, it’s actually perfect for travel and I’ve been toting it around in my gym bag every day.

A note about Beauty Heroes: Beauty Heroes has completely changed the way I experience clean beauty. My love for this company is real. Each month’s beauty discovery box contains a full-size Hero product and a deluxe sample-size or full-size Sidekick product for about $43/month. Many of the full-size Hero Products retail for upward of $70 and the deluxe Sidekicks often well above $30, so it’s one of the most cost effective ways to explore new brands and products. Additionally, members of the Beauty Heroes Tribe receive 15% off all purchases at The Beauty Store and free shipping on orders over $75, so it’s less expensive to repurchase items you’ve discovered and loved.