Beauty Heroes March 2019: Blüh Alchemy

First act of wonder: this post is up in a timely manner.

Second act of wonder: THIS DANG BOX!

March’s Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery features two of the best products I’ve ever used from a brand I’ve never heard of and my skin has been transformed in two weeks. Two weeks, people!

The hero product this month is Blüh Alchemy’s full size Multi C Serum (30ml, $155) and the sidekick is the full size Toning Elixir (100ml, $54). If the other products in this line are anything like the two in the beauty box, I am about to buy all the things.

X all the Y meme based on a graphic by Hyperbole and a Half

Honestly, you should too. Don’t even bother reading my review. Go subscribe to get this month’s Beauty Heroes Discovery Box for $42.95 (three month prepay required) and then if you want, come back and read the review so you can be self-congratulatory and validated in your decision to purchase this; the most amazing vitamin C serum ever made (and the best smelling toning mist) for a fantastic price.

Famous last words from a former vitamin C skeptic.

Used mainly to combat signs of aging and promote collagen production, vitamin C is a notoriously difficult ingredient to work with, as it requires very specific conditions to remain shelf-stable. I’ve tried numerous products that tout the benefits of vitamin C but have never actually seen those benefits transferred from serum to skin. Until the Multi C Serum (30ml, $155) from Blüh Alchemy.

I was only willing to “waste” a tiny sample of this liquid gold to show you the texture.

The Multi C Serum features the world’s first stable vitamin C, harvested from wild Kakadu plum. The cellular extract “boasts 50 times more antioxidant potency than a Florida orange” but it’s not the sole star in the serum. Other sources of vitamin C in this little powerhouse come from quandong and sea buckthorn berry oils. Combined, these vitamin C sources help activate collagen production, brighten skin tone, preserve moisture, protect from UV damage and oxidative stress, and reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, all of which I noticed almost immediately.

Which is the most elegantly worded way I can think of to say that after four days of using the Multi C Serum, I literally woke up clutching at my skin, grabbing my cheeks in awe of their softness, rushing to a mirror to stare at my own reflection and repeatedly exclaiming “holy sh*t!” as I petted my own face.

I noticed a distinct softening within the first few uses of the Multi C Serum. Now at the tail end of two weeks, my skin is smoother than it’s ever been without the dedicated use of my favorite heavy-hitting masks.

Seriously. My skin was transformed. Its tone even and clear instead of red and blotchy. It was neither dry and tight nor overly saturated and desperate to be washed again. In fact, in the last two weeks I’ve used this serum, I have been able to skip morning cleanses completely — an act that used to make my skin revolt. The biggest and most immediate change to my skin has been an improvement in texture. I noticed a distinct softening within the first few days of using the Multi C Serum. Now at the tail end of two weeks, my skin is smoother than it’s ever been without the dedicated use of my favorite heavy-hitting masks.

Everything about the Multi C Serum hits the mark for me. The consistency is a quick drying gel rather than an oil serum, which makes it easy to use and layer morning or night. The scent is perfection. It’s all citrus without a single note of Lemon Pledge! How can this be?! I don’t have the answer. Only the bottle. (Or two. Because already I know I can never be without this miracle potion.)

The Toning Elixir (100ml, $54) only adds the utter indulgence of the Multi C Serum. This facial mist is formulated with finger lime caviar to “deliver treatment-level firming and toning benefits”. The ingredient might sound like a work of fiction but its performance in the facial mist is fact. The Toning Elixir reduces inflammation and allows for optimized absorption of following treatments and is a perfect companion to the serum.

Unbelievably, the Toning Elixir smells even better than the already delicious aroma of the Multi C Serum, making me want to use all of it in one sitting. (Probably why I’ve already acquired a second bottle.) Even my husband geeked out on the scent, saying it’s one of the best in my beauty arsenal.

The only drawback, and it is an oh-so-minor drawback, is that a number of the bottles sent in the Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery box had printing and inking problems, and after much fondling, cooing over, and constant spraying by me, the label now appears as such:

The only imperfection and I am 100% willing to overlook it.

Blüh Alchemy has posted on social media that they were just made aware of this issue and hope to resolve it quickly, but truthfully the founder, Becky Blüh, could sell this out of a plastic spray bottle with the product name scrolled in Sharpie on the front and I’d still buy it.

Please trust me when I say you should too.

A note about Beauty Heroes: Beauty Heroes has completely changed the way I experience clean beauty. My love for this company is real. Each month’s beauty discovery box contains a full-size hero product and a deluxe sample-size or full-size sidekick product for about $43/month. Many of the full-size hero products retail for upward of $70 and the deluxe sidekicks often well above $30, so it’s one of the most cost effective ways to explore new brands and products. Additionally, members of the Beauty Heroes Tribe receive 15% off all purchases at The Beauty Store and free shipping on orders over $75, so it’s less expensive to repurchase items you’ve discovered and loved.