I’m Lauren, a beauty product junkie who once-upon-a-time had too many beauty products that were giving me too many rashes.

After a particularly nasty rash you can read about here, I realized that many of the items I was regularly purchasing from drugstores and department stores in my quest for flawless skin were not only doing very little to help achieve my goals — they were doing damage to the very thing they claimed to improve. With little more than a desire to clear my skin of uncomfortable rashes, I started out with DIY natural beauty and eventually discovered an entire realm of clean, green, organic, vegan, but most importantly, healthy beauty products that transformed my skin. My interest in clean beauty has slowly spilled over into other areas of my life, changing my beliefs about beauty, luxury, self-care, and wellness. 

While I work to incorporate more healthy lifestyle products from cleaning supplies to bedding into my home and lifestyle, my true love remains non-toxic skincare and makeup. My favorite way to spend a Sunday is sitting on my bathroom floor in a face mask, laying out all my bottles, spending time with each of the products, researching ingredients, and learning about the founders of the companies who produce each perfect potion. I thought there must be others who enjoy this too. So here I am. And look, you’re here too.

I sure am happy to see you! 

My “green lifestyle” transformation is still in its infancy, but I am dedicated to the cause and happy to spend a disproportionate amount my discretionary income on clean beauty and lifestyle products. (Haha!) While brick and mortar stores are beginning to carry more non-toxic products, it can still be difficult to decide which beauty booty is worth your bucks. Follow my adventures in skincare and makeup for in-depth reviews about the products I’ve tried. With any luck, my experiences will save you time, money… and potentially from rashes.